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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Next reading group date

As a provisional suggestion - would those who want to take part in this group be able to meet up on Monday the 17th July? Say...6 o clock in one of the pubs?

Maude has suggested trying to meet up weekly, so as to try and get through the book a little more quickly - I'd like to give this a go and see if it works out, but due to the fact that we've all got other commitments (and the sheer density of the text) it might not be suitable. If anyone thinks meeting weekly is a bad idea, please say so.

I missed the last reading group session, but unless you did two sessions on Sense Certainty the group would have been looking at the chapter on Perception. This means that the next one will be Force and the Understanding - but if I'm wrong, or if people want to look at the Perception chapter again, then we can do.


Blogger Mark F. said...

I can make the Hegel (not Spinoza) reading group on the 17th, if this is still happening. Please let me know where you guys are at in the text so I can catch up. Hope you're well (and will give your summaries above a look over once I get to that chapter!).


1:52 AM  
Blogger Tom Bunyard said...

Not sure if the 17th is on or not - I haven't heard anything from Maude or any one else, so it might not be happening. I'll mail her again tomorrow - but if nothing gets decided, maybe we could just meet up on the 17th and have a chat about the text anyway (if you fancy it).

3:14 PM  

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